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The best iron techniques around

A welder is only as good as the welding techniques he uses, which is why we frequently update and improve our welding techniques at our Elsmere, KY location. You'll find that our welding techniques are always being refined or enhanced, so that the projects we deliver are of the best possible quality and last you a lifetime. For instance, we use paint and coat finishes for superior resistance to outdoor elements. Other welding techniques we use for improved quality and appeal are powder coatings, hot dipped galvanizings and customized faux finishes. 

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Our of our custom fencing projects in Cincinnati, OH

Powder coatings

Elsmere Ironworks can make your iron ornaments last a lifetime as well as resistant to scratches, chips and abrasions. We can powder coat your iron products, which unlike normal paint, powder coating is baked in an oven causing a chemical reaction and thus, making it 10 times more durable than ordinary paint.

If you have doubts about the reliability or condition of your iron products, call us or visit our workshop in Elsmere. 

Hot dipped galvanizing

At Elsmere Ironworks you also offer the option of hot dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is ideal for outdoor iron works, such as windows, fences, exterior railings and more. Hot dip galvanizing iron can withstand corrosion in numerous environments, making this iron last for over 70 years!

When you need customized iron projects in or around Elsmere, you can count on us for high quality work and an eye for detail!

Custom faux finish

Our welders have years of experience and utilize the best welding techniques. We've worked on every size and type of iron welding project you can imagine, which means that we know every trick and technique making everyone envy your iron ornaments and at the same time last you a lifetime. At Elsmere Ironworks we also offer custom faux finishes by a local artist. These finishes include a pewter finish, gold and silver leafing, and many more.

When it comes to quality welding fabrication in Elsmere you want to trust your job to an expert team. That's us!

Finish options

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